Welcome to the ModPod support page.

Soon we will be adding more FAQs, Forums and How to Videos. As we ramp up, feel free to email info@strikebright.com with any questions, issues or ideas that you have!

Why am I not receiving notifications?

If you are not receiving notifications, make sure that you select "Yes" when you are prompted by ModPod to allow notifications. Also make sure that, in your pod profile, "Silence Notifications" is turned off.
Application level notification settings are controlled at the device level. You can access these settings from the ModPod menu by selecting "App Settings." This will take you to the application settings for ModPod. Make sure notifications are turned on.

 Can I delete my ModPod account?

You can easily delete your ModPod account and all related data. To do so, go to the Main Menu in ModPod, select Member Profile, scroll to bottom, and select Delete ModPod Account. All data will be removed. However, if you created an event and other people signed up for the event, that event will not be deleted.

Can I belong to more than one pod?

Absolutely! You can create and be a member of as many pods as you like. You can easily switch between pods when the app is launched or at anytime by choosing a different pod from the pod selection dropdown at the top of ModPod.

Why does ModPod ask to use my location?

ModPod may ask you to use your location if you a) decide to share your location with other pod members or b) when adding an event, you search for locations by name (e.g., Starbucks) by pressing the search icon below location or you touch the location icon to get your current address; or c) when you choose Show Weather Forecast from the App Settings options. Regarding search, ModPod requests your current location to make the results more accurate - your location is not stored, it is only used for the search. When sharing your location with the pod, it is encrypted at all times, and removed as soon as it is no longer needed (e.g., when your location updates, your pior location history is deleted).

Can ModPod sync with other calendars?

Yes! ModPod can sync with any calendar that your device (e.g., iphone or android) has access to. This makes getting started with ModPod super easy. Simply select Synchronize from the "More" tab, and you will be walked through the integration process.