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Who's in your Pod?

Podz is the modern and secure private social networking app for groups (we call them Pods!). Whether it's your family, friends, work colleagues, team members, sorority, or any group of people you can think of, Podz is the app to organize, collaborate and have fun!.

Podz's calendaring features are amazing! You can instantly see what's happening at a glance in the Daily View. Easily see what's coming up in the Upcoming view.. The Hourly view lets you see times that are busy and free across pod members to make planning events easy. You can also search for events. Whether you're having a 10-minute phone call or planning a week-long vacation with lodging, flights and meals - Podz can handle it all.

Podz's chat is fully end-to-end encrypted, ensuring the privacy and safety of your communications. Pods can have multiple "Topics" for discussing topics such as an upcoming trip or a kitchen renovation. And Podz is a uniter - no green bubbles!

Podz makes it easy to create and share photo collections in one central place - The Gallery. Whether it's a dinner with friends, a family vacation, or a graduation - you can capture, caption and share photos with Podz.

Podz's List features are incredible! You can create a basic list for your own items, or you can create a List and assign different items to different members of the pod.

Podz makes it easy to create and manage polls, like "where to for Dinner?"

Podz makes it super easy to share as much or as little information about yourself with each pod. Just enter all the information you may want to share in your overall Podz profile (e.g., Facebook, TikTok, Venmo, email, address, job title), and then choose what to share with each pod.

With Podz you can put all of your shared contacts in one secure place. For a family pod, maybe it's your family dentist, doctor, repair people, aunts, uncles, friends, and grandma and grandpa. You can even set timeframes for sharing a contact, e.g., share this contact for a week.

Charlie's favorite pod

My pod is growing up! When the kids were younger they played on multiple sports teams, had school plays, musicals, cub scouts, band practice - you name it, we did it. We once clocked 23 events in one weekend! I wish we had Podz back then, but it's here now and we love it!

Podz is beautiful and easy to use. Here are a few screen shots!